How to Start a Letter of Intent

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Letters of intent are typically short in length as compared to some other written correspondence. The letter of intent is used to present broad ideas between two parties in regard to future plans, business relationships or possible agreements. This is a means to provide a mutual starting point and an overview so that both parties will have an understanding of what is expected. There are features which most letters of intent share in common and should include.

Address the letter to a specific individual, business or other entity. Avoid directing the letter to unknowns such as "To Whom This May Concern".

Research and understand the basic layout or format of business letters and other correspondence. The letter should be formatted in a professional manner.

Include in the first paragraph a statement of why the letter is being written. Include brief information which will immediately inform the reader of your intent.

Provide personal information. General information as to who you are and any pertinent credentials or accomplishments should be included.

Conclude the letter by asking for a response. Also thank the individual for their time. Wrap up the letter in a positive manner.


  • Keep the letter brief. Remember, this is only an initial means of contact.


  • Avoid overwhelming the recipient with too much information. Make sure to use specific names of individuals in the salutation.


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