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Whether you're building a website, creating a profile for a secure site or developing your social medial bio, writing an online bio is not the same thing as writing a resume. Usually found under an "About" or "Bio" link, visitors view this page when they want to find out more about you. Besides highlighting your accomplishments, your bio page offers you a chance to "hook" your readers or get them to subscribe to your posts or seek the services you may be offering.

Know your audience and the mission behind your bio. Before you can write a compelling bio, you must know its purpose and your potential audience. The more you know about your audience, the more you can tailor your bio to connect with them. An online bio should not resemble a personal resume.

Keep it simple. While you may have years of experience working for multiple companies, you are not applying for a job -- you're trying to reach out to your readers. Share your passions and add humor, but remove extraneous information. You do not need to add everything you've done on your bio. Be ruthless when narrowing down the information you want on your online bio.

Write the bio in the third person. Avoid writing in the first person, using "I" or "We" unless you are writing a personal blog. Writing in the third person makes it sound as if someone else wrote it. It sounds less like bragging.

Include your name so that people know who you are. Also add -- up front -- the accomplishments you are known for that relate to site for which you are creating the bio. Don't put this information at the end of the bio or you may lose your readers.

Include your most important endeavors. For example, if you are writing on Internet entrepreneurship, include examples of your previous successful accomplishments. Leave out things that do not apply to the site on which the bio appears.

Humanize your story. Make it personal and funny. If you want to make your reader care, you need to give them to which they can relate. For example, "When Mark isn't attached to his computer, you can find him making homemade beer, restoring his '57 Chevy or trying to drop his golf score below 125."

Add contact information to your bio. Rather than including your e-mail in your bio, which makes it available to spammers online, include a link to a contact form so interested readers may connect with you.

Keep your bio to less than 500 words and paragraphs small. Online readers tend to skim content, so make it easy for them to read it. Before posting your bio, proofread it carefully. Print your bio on paper and step away from the computer before reading it. Revise as necessary.

Update your bio periodically. It's important to keep your bio fresh and updated.


  • Don’t be afraid to inject some humor into your bio to give readers a little dose of your personality. Humor allows you to connect with your readers. It personalizes you to them.



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