How to Open a Home Care Business for the Disabled

by Lisa Huston ; Updated September 26, 2017

Providing home care to the developmentally disabled has been a booming home business in many residential communities. Although home care may seem like a lot of work, it's a creative way to generate income. There are a few important state and local regulations required before starting this type of business.

Zoning Compliance and Licensing

The first step is to contact your local town or city for zoning information about home-based businesses for disabled care. Some cities have implemented regulations on buffering distances, which prohibits too many care homes within the neighborhood. Other regulations may include compliance with building and fire codes. Gather all the information from your city or town.

Once the due diligence has been completed with the town or city, the next step is to contact your state and county health licensing department to obtain information to operate a facility in your home care business for people with disabilities. The licensing department may offer classes or seminars to provide instructions. It's less work if you know the city or town will allow this type of business before you start the health licensing process.

Complete the applications for all licenses and certifications from the appropriate agencies. The state or county health department may perform a home inspection upon final approval. The home must be ready and operable before moving in any consumers. After approval, the home is monitored and routinely inspected by the agencies for compliance.


  • Some cities do not allow disability care in a residential dwelling. Researching will make the process much easier and the information can be found on the Internet.

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