How to Prepare Vendor Agreement Forms

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Vendor agreement forms serve as written protection for two parties involved in a business transaction. The forms can be very short and straightforward or fairly lengthy. Large companies like Target may have separate vendor agreements with hundreds of companies. A vendor agreement can be tailored to meet the needs and demands of both parties. No matter its length, your vendor agreement should describe terms and conditions in clear, concise language.

Date the first page of your vendor agreement. This is the date your vendor agreement goes into effect. State the name and address of the two parties involved in the agreement.

Include language in your agreement indicating that your company is licensed to sell products from the vendor. Your vendor agreement should have information regarding territories you'll be using to sell the vendor's product.

Create a section outlining your expectations from the vendor relating to price and taxes. State in a professional manner that you expect the same pricing as the vendor's other customers. The manner in which you and your vendor handle tax on the products they provide you with should clearly be stated in your vendor agreement.

Indicate the way you'll place orders with your vendor. Address how payments will be made to the vendor as well. Include how you should be notified regarding your purchase orders. If necessary, make sure your vendor agreement covers any agreed upon credit terms. State the shipping methods that your vendor will use to get products to you. Time concerns, and shipping costs should be mentioned.

Establish agreed-upon performance standards you will adhere to, such as selling a certain volume of product each month. Confidentiality between the two parties should be enforced in writing in your vendor agreement to help prevent any conflicts of interest.

State the length of time that the vendor agreement will be valid for. Include clauses for termination.

Include signatures of authorized officers for both parties.