How to Access Call Forwarding Features Online

by Foye Robinson ; Updated September 26, 2017

Did you ever wish you could access call forwarding features online? Well, depending on your telephone provider, you can. Accessing call forwarding features online beats having to call the phone company, waiting for a representative to answer, listening to the automated system, following the prompts, having someone trying to sell you a feature you don’t need and completing a survey. Doing it online saves time.


Log in to your Vonage account at Vonage.com.

Select the “Features” link to access additional features for your phone.

Click on the “Configure” button under the “Call Forwarding” section. You will be routed to the “Basic Call Forwarding” tab.

Configure call forwarding by adding the phone number your calls will be routed to. Include the number of seconds before a call is forwarded to your alternate number.

Select the “SimuRing” tab to set up call forwarding that rings at multiple numbers at the same time. You can add up to five phone numbers in the phone number fields. To forward your calls to an international number, enter 011, the country code, the area code and the local number.

Click the “Enable” button to save your settings.

Check messages online.


Go online to Skype.com and click on the “Account” link.

Log in to your Skype account and set up the phone number you want to forward your calls to.

Activate your Skype by going to “Tools > Options > Call Forwarding.”

Activate call forwarding and access your call forwarding features for Skype.

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