How to Start a Delivery Courier Service From Home

A courier service fills a valuable niche. Although well-known delivery services pick up and drop off parcels and packages to just about any address, they cannot always respond immediately to a customer who has an urgent requirement to move an object from address to another. If the popular delivery service has just left when an attorney determines a need to have papers delivered to an office in a nearby city today, one possible solution for the attorney is a courier.

Contact the licensing office for your county or municipality. The licensing office will explain to you the process to secure a business license.

Look online for prices charged by other, nearby courier services. Note their terms of service and billing practices. Do not copy another company's forms, but use their ideas and make your own contracts. Figure out what prices you will charge your customers. Type up a copy of your prices and terms.

Make sure your car is tuned up, clean and properly insured. Purchase magnetic signs for your vehicle, which must be clearly marked when picking up and delivering orders. Look for wording samples and prices online. Check with a local sign shop. If you order magnetic signs for your car from a local sign shop, it becomes a potential customer.

Order custom screen-printed shirts. Logo apparel will help to establish your credibility.

Get business cards and flyers. If you are computer savvy you can start by making the flyers yourself and making copies. Business cards should always be handled by a professional with a cutting machine that can make clean, crisp cuts. Hand out business cards and flyers everywhere you go. Make sure the number on all advertising and cards is a working cell phone number. You must be able to take calls while you are on the road.

Offer wholesale contract pricing. If a business will be a repetitive customer, offer a discount. Be clear about how often it will need to use your services to receive a discount. Get the contract information in writing.

Contact real estate offices, banks, mortgage companies, print shops, sign shops, screen printing shops, lawyers and doctors to let them know about your service. Drop off your card and a flyer.

Always be on time. Only in the event of an emergency should you be even a little bit late. If you have to be late, contact your customer and provide a status update.


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