Billabong clothing has been a popular brand since its creation in 1973. Widely recognized as surf-style clothing, this brand is popular among young individuals interested in surfing and water sports throughout the U.S. and the world. For this reason, many owners of clothing stores and shops obtain Billabong clothing to sell, especially if those shops are in areas where surfing and other water sports are popular. Billabong may regularly be found at stores such as The Buckle, which is typically found in malls, as well as sporting stores.

Step 1.

Determine the amount of Billabong clothing you’ll need and what types. This can be done by considering your target market. Will you be selling mostly to young adults or parents who will be purchasing the clothing for their children? Are you in an area where individuals purchase summer clothing most of the year or winter clothing? Start with 10 to 20 of each clothing item you order. Use the selling success of each item to determine your next order.

Step 2.

Buy Billabong clothing wholesale, as it is the best way to go about obtaining it for your business. Use online resources to locate a Billabong clothing seller from which you can obtain wholesale clothing for a fair price. On many sites, you have the ability to create a profile to ask for specific clothing you would like to purchase. Or you can browse the offers of sellers to find Billabong clothing. This allows you to find reliable suppliers for Billabong clothing (see Resources).

Step 3.

Check the profile of the seller to determine whether he or she has good feedback from past transactions and what sort of transactions they were involved in recently. If there is feedback from other members, message the members and ask for a reference. Find out if the purchaser received the proper clothing, proper clothing amounts and whether he or she was asked to pay the correct price.

Step 4.

Place an order for the clothing you desire. Save the receipt to show proof of the purchase and if possible, pay for the items after you receive them. Some suppliers will allow this, as you must be sure you receive the goods before paying.

Step 5.

Purchase the clothing directly from the Billabong website. However, by browsing the Internet, you can find better deals and sales, such as the clothing from a previous season rather than the current season.


When first ordering from a specific supplier, make a small order to determine whether the supplier will be reliable and honest. Order a range of different sizes to accommodate all sizes of customer.