How to Make a Bill for Rent

When most people sign a lease or rental agreement, they know when the rent is due. Some landlords might prefer to send a bill to avoid late payments. Making a rent bill is not difficult and does not require special billing software. You can even handwrite a bill for rent, but most people prefer the professional look of a typed or computer-generated bill.

How to Make a Bill for Rent

Open a word processing program, such as Microsoft Office Word. This will bring up a blank document.

Type in the renter's names and the address of the property on the left side of the document. Tab over until you are close to the right margin and put the date in.

Drop down two lines and enter the date the rent is due. Tab two times and enter the amount due, tab twice and enter the monthly dates the rent covers. For example: Jan 1 to Jan 31.

Drop down two lines and enter the payment information. This should include the methods of payment accepted, mailing address and business hours. Also include a telephone number or email, in case the tenant has any questions or problems.

Drop down two lines and type in any information about late fees. This is to protect you if the rent is late. When you include this statement, your renters can't say that they weren't aware of late fees.

Print two copies of the bill. Mail one to the renter and keep one in your file.


  • A good lease will include all of the information above and should be used to back you up if a tenant defaults on the rent.