How to Start a Car Washing Business for Kids

by Carrie Perles ; Updated September 26, 2017

Kids love to make money - and have fun doing it. Especially in the summertime, a car washing business can be the perfect way for kids to earn a bit of extra pocket money. All it takes to get this business off the ground is a few cheap materials, a dollop of enthusiasm, and some creative advertising.

Gather your friends - the more the merrier! More washers mean less work for everyone. It also means you'll split the money more ways, though, so keep that in mind when you invite others to help out.

Find a good location for your car wash. If you can find a place close to a busy street, you'll be able to attract more customers. Make sure that you won't flood any gardens, though; a large, paved area is the ideal. Check with the owner of the property before planning the car wash.

Advertise. Print out flyers and plaster them anywhere that's legal - lamp posts, public message boards, and trees owned by members of your group. Most importantly, create a very large, clear sign to direct cars. Place the sign on a busy street, and make sure there are arrows pointing your customers in the right direction.

Use the hose to fill up several large buckets with soapy water. Keep rags or sponges handy.

Research to find out the going price for a car wash in your area. Keep a locked box to store the money you raise. One person should be responsible for the box at all times.


  • You can offer interior cleaning as well. You will need access to a vacuum and some higher quality cleaning supplies to offer this service. Advertising is key in this type of business. Ask local publications and newsletters if you can write an article about your small business. This will give you free advertising, and it will grab customers' attention.

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