How to Take Over The World (Super Villian Style)

by braniac - Updated September 26, 2017
Take Over The World (Super Villian Style)

Taking over the world is no easy feat, especially in these times. But those of you with enough evil drive can do it, go forth and decimate! Make the world bend to your depraved will with these tips.

Choose an evil name. Bob Johnson will not cut it in this day and age. Try something like The Viper, Count Carnage or something else sinister and or painful.

Choose your attire. As a supervillian you should probably wear black. Red and green are also acceptable, but you should probably limit yourself in color. Note: Green and red are not acceptable when worn together unless you are attempting to steal Christmas

Create an evil plan (i.e. use laser to explode moon). Broadcast your plan loudly so a superhero will learn of it. While he contemplates, build your torture chamber.

Battle your new nemesis. Once he is defeated, throw him in your pit/dungeon etc. Tell the world that you will only release their beloved hero if they agree to your demands (you are made supreme over lord etc.)

If they do not obey, go through with your evil plan. If they agree, go through with your evil plan anyway and then rule over the cowering mere mortals.

Rule with an iron fist of doom.


  • Use your henchmen to enforce your new evil laws. Start your evil device with basic household items to save money until you have your own evil empire.

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