How to Dispose of Lithium 3V Batteries

by Charlie Gaston; Updated September 26, 2017

Properly disposing of lithium 3V batteries is good for the environment and in many states required by law. Proper disposal is key to preventing exposure to hazardous materials within the batteries and eliminating unnecessary damage from contact. If you have lithium 3V batteries you want to properly dispose of but you are not sure how, there are several options available to you.

Step 1

Identify lithium 3V batteries for proper disposal. Lithium 3V batteries are commonly used for cameras, calculators, watches and computers.

Step 2

Take the lithium 3V batteries you want to dispose of to a recycling center, household hazardous-waste disposal facility or universal waste handler.

Step 3

Find a lithium 3V battery drop-off center near you. Visit the Environment, Health and Safety Online website or the Call2Recycle link (see "Additional Resources," below) to find a drop-off center in your city. Contact Call2Recycle by phone at (877) 723-1297, ext. 250, or by email at for general inquiries.

Step 4

Contact CVS Pharmacy, Target, Office Depot, Inc., Orchard Supply Hardware, Radio Shack, Verizon Wireless or KB Toys for a participating drop-off location in your area. These stores accept lithium 3V batteries free of charge for disposal.


  • California residents should contact the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for a list of disposal centers in California.


  • Always dispose of lithium 3V batteries properly. Failure to do so will expose the environment (lake, streams, landfills) to heavy metals, corrosive acids and other dangerous materials. Contact with an old lithium 3V battery may result in skin damage if leakage has taken place.

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