How to Turn Off Call Forwarding

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017

When someone returns from an outing, he can turn off the call forwarding service from his home or office telephone. Call forwarding is a service offered by many telephone service providers that allows people to forward calls coming into a phone line to another phone line. You can turn off call forwarding on your phone just as easily as you turned it on. But it sometimes gets tricky to remember what code to dial on your phone.

Step 1

Pick up your phone and dial 73 or 720 on your Sprint PCS phone. 73 works for most phone providers. This is the telephone code for turning off call forwarding. If you had only certain phone calls forwarded to your phone, there are other codes you should enter instead. Enter 88 to deactivate if you were forwarding only busy or no-answer calls. Enter 91 if you were forwarding only busy calls. Enter 93 if you were only forwarding calls that were not answered.

Step 2

Listen into the phone for a series of beeps, a tone or a message that confirms that call forwarding has been turned off.

Step 3

Hang up your telephone. You have now turned off your call forwarding.

Step 4

Test your turning off of call forwarding by calling the phone line with another phone. It should ring into the correct line once again.

Step 5

Call your telephone company, if you have a permanent call forwarding service on your phone line. Tell it you want to turn off call forwarding and end the call forwarding service. Your telephone company will turn off the service for you. Wait a few minutes to test this out on your phone line.