How to Make Money for Kids

Whether it's to make a little extra money for the summer or save up for something big, kids can use some creativity and energy to make money. Kids can think about specific talents or skills they have or get together with friends to build a neighborhood business.

Have a goal and determine what you want to accomplish. Know how much you need to make or how much you want to make. Having a goal can help focus you on what you should do and how much you can do.

Take a traditional route if you're trying to make some fast money within a specific period of time. Set up a car wash, walk your neighbors dogs, or offer yard work services to family, friends and neighbors. Shovel snow for your neighbors during the winter. You can even start a business with friends and offer services to the community.

Involve your parents in the process. Your parents can suggest your services to friends or co-workers. Especially involve your parents to ensure your safety if you advertise your services in the local paper or online.

Start a blog about something you have expertise in or teach people how to use computers. Tutor younger students or classmates in a subject you're particularly good at.

Save your money as you earn it.


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