Instructions to Loading a Paxar Monarch 1131 Pricing Gun

by Launie Sorrels - Updated September 26, 2017

The Paxar Monarch 1131 Pricing Gun is easy to operate, requiring almost no instruction -- until the first time it runs out of labels. If you haven't filled the pricing gun with labels before, you'll find the process is unique but not complicated. Once you successfully load the gun the first time, you shouldn't have any issues the next time.

Locate the two black latches on the left and right sides of the gun. Slide back each latch and open the cover until you hear a click indicating the cover is locked open.

Tear off the first ten inches of the labels and liner. Position the roll so the labels are coming off of the top.

Place the label roll between the light gray holders.

Drape the labels across the labeler and position it in the center over the metal peel bar so you have about six inches of labels hanging over the peel bar. Close the cover.

Peel the labels off of the backing paper, so you have about six inches of backing paper hanging over the peel bar. Point the label gun towards your face and slide the loose backing paper into the slot above the plastic handle. Continue feeding the paper into the slot until it becomes snug.

Hold the strip in place and squeeze he trigger eight times until the labels feed through the rear exit.

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