How to Hook Up a Gas Stove

by Laura Hageman; Updated September 26, 2017

A gas stove uses natural gas in order to cook. This type of stove will have four areas on top that once they are turned on they will have a small ring of flames which are called pilot flames. Using a gas stove can be potentially dangerous. If you turn the top burner on and the flames do not light up then gas will leak into the air. Hooking up a gas stove demands your attention as well. The connecting itself is not very hard but you must always make sure there is no leakage of gas.

Step 1

Move old gas stove away from the wall. Turn off the gas with the shut off valve near the gas line in the wall. Make sure the gas stove is turned off and disconnect the tube in the back of the stove. It will be attached to a fitting that comes out from the back of the gas stove.Turn it left in order for it to disconnect.

Step 2

Use pipe dope on the new gas stove. Wipe some pipe dope on the pipe on the back of the stove. Connect the accordian type tube onto the pipe on the back of the stove and tighten.

Step 3

Check the tube for any cracks or leaks after connecting. The tube will be black and flexible. This tube will also have a loose ring around it. This tube is connected to the gas line. Pull the stove out enough to stretch the tube to test for any leaks.

Step 4

Mix two drops of dish soap and add water in a cup. Dip a rag into the cup. Wipe the soapy water on the accordian type tube. This will give you a good indication if there are any leaks after turning the gas stove on.

Step 5

Plug in the stove and turn it on. Listen for any slight hissing sound. This will tell you that there is a leak in the tube that you may have missed. Also watch for any bubbles from the soapy water put on the tube. If there are bubbles near the connection to the stove then tighten the tube to the pipe. If there are any hissing sounds and/or the bubbles continue then turn off the stove and have your tube replaced by the place that you bought the gas stove from. Putstove back close to the wall.


  • Avoid moving the stove around in order to avoid breakage on the metal connector on the stove and tube.


  • With a gas stove you must be extra careful when connecting the tube to the stove. If there are any leaks in the tube then there is potential danger and could cause property damage and personal injury.

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