How to Make Wood Pellets

by Laura Hageman - Updated September 26, 2017

Wood pellets are used as a type of wood fuel. Due to the price of heating with fossil fuels on the rise, there is more demand for a compact and less expensive type of heating through the wooden pellets. Since the demand has escalated in recent years, it has made the pellets less available. Therefore, it might be easier to make your own!

Gather dried sawdust, wood shavings or wood chips. Sort through the sawdust or shavings to match up the sizes.

Dry the sawdust or shavings in a dryer up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of moisture. Pass the pieces through a hammer mill which will give it a paste-like substance. If you have any problems finding a hammer mill, see the link in our Resources section.

Put the substance through a press machine. The press machine will squeeze through a die that has holes. It will produce pellets.

Keep high pressure on the pellets. Make sure the press machine remains at a high pressure so it will ensure the wood to soften lignin (a natural bonding substance) and hold the pellet together naturally.

Cool the pellets. Put the pellets in a cooler at 5 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient air temperature. Sort through to make sure there are no loose dust particles or broken pellets. You should have only hardened pellets.


  • Be sure to keep the pellets under high pressure so that they don't break.

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