How to Become a Realtor in Florida

by Lea Barton ; Updated September 26, 2017

Florida real estate has historically been a strong business field for any businessperson seeking a stable career. With retirees who flock to Florida from other parts of the country, houses and condominiums sell well, especially as second homes for many retirees who are "snowbirds," spending winters in Florida in second homes and summers up north. Realtors in Florida are also busy with rentals, but the recent housing slump has charged the face of real estate. Conventional wisdom might say that becoming a realtor right now would be hard. In fact, now might be the savvy moment for entering Florida real estate, as the down market gives new real estate agents a chance to build business slowly and to learn how to handle foreclosures.

Visit the Florida Division of Real Estate website (see Resources) and determine whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements to become a licensed real estate agent (also known as a "Sales Associate"). In Florida the minimum requirements include being 18, holding a high school diploma or GED, completing a 63-hour pre-license course, passing the examination and applying for and being accepted by the state of Florida for a Sales Associate license.

Find an approved real estate course, such as those offered by IFREC (see Resources). Register for the "Sales Associate" course, which runs $429 for a 63-hour course.

Take the Sales Associate examination after you complete the course. Pearson Education handles the Sales Associate exam for the state of Florida's real estate division. Go to the Pearson Education website (see Resources) and select "Real Estate and Appraisers," then "Florida Real Estate and Appraisers," then "Register for an Exam" and register on the Pearson site. You must pass the exam with a grade of 75 or higher.

Apply for licensure through the Florida Division of Real Estate (see Resources). To activate your license, you must submit form RE-2050-1, found on the Florida Division of Real Estate website.

Work as a licensed Sales Associate for 24 months for a licensed Broker who is also a Realtor. Many real estate agencies will hire newly licensed Sales Associates. In fact people who score high scores on the exam often receive solicitations for positions at top real estate agencies.

Take the post-licensure real estate course, a 45-hour "renewal" course designed to help you pass the Broker examination.

Pass the Broker examination. Once you become a licensed Broker in Florida, you can apply to the Florida Association of Realtors to use the term "Realtor," with the trademark symbol, next to your name in professional settings, designating your status within the real estate profession in Florida.


  • In Florida, the term "Realtor" is a special term, signified by real estate brokers who have been accepted by the Florida Association of Realtors to use the term in association with their name. Your real estate course instructor is a great source for jobs; she is in insider and will be able to help you understand how to get a position working with a licensed Broker.

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