How to Use a Sharp Fax Machine

by Charlie Gaston; Updated September 26, 2017

Using a Sharp fax machine can be a relatively easy task. With easy function and setting modes, you can begin using and troubleshooting your Sharp fax machine in minutes. Read more to learn how to use a Sharp fax machine with little to no hassle.

Items you will need

  • Sharp fax machine
  • Sharp owner's manual
Step 1

Check that there is a dial tone. Make sure the phone cord you are using is functional, and that you have plugged the cord into the phone line jack on the fax machine. Configure the setting option to either outgoing or inbound, depending on the option that is available and compatible to your phone cord. Each feature will vary by model. If you cannot detect a dial tone, you may have set the wrong setting for the phone line jack on the fax machine. It is also possible that the number may not be a working number. In most instances, you will only need to switch the setting. Use a mobile phone or additional land line to verify the line.

Step 2

Set the Sharp fax machine to receive a fax when no one is home. Remove the seal covering the TEL. SET jack on the rear of the fax. Connect an extension telephone or answering machine to the TEL. SET jack. This will instruct the fax to receive a fax when a person is not available in the home to accept transmission.

Step 3

Set the fax to answer. Select "Auto" mode. This command will set the fax machine to the automatic reception mode and allow you to receive a fax within a certain number of rings. This feature is available to prevent a line from ringing without cessation. Failure to select the auto mode may cause the fax to not receive internal instruction to accept an incoming fax. This mode guarantees each fax is received after a specified number of rings.

Step 4

Get rid of a "Error - Check Paper" message. Remove paper from the fax machine. Next, unplug the fax machine cord from the wall socket. Wait 15 seconds. Then, replug the fax machine, and add paper. The error message is used to indicate that a paper jam has occurred or that paper is misaligned within the feeder. To prevent the common error, ready each fax by only inserting one to three documents at a time. Press each piece of paper along the edge of the feeder or brackets use to size a document. Gently tap the top of the document for optimum standing within the machine.

Step 5

Understand how to clear the memory of your fax machine. This is a tricky and very problem that many users would neither expect nor readily know how to troubleshoot. However, the solution is simple. Press the "Function" key and then the number "9" key. You will be prompted to "Enter File Number or ^". Enter "###" as the file number and then hit "Set" to remove all files. The display will then show "Delete All Files?. You have to option: 1 for "Yes" and 2 for "No". Press 1 to delete the files.


  • Because each make and model is different, offering varying features and settings, always consult the owner's manual or contact a Sharp customer support member at 800-237-4277.

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