How to Get Free Products to Sell on eBay Using the CVS Extra Bucks Program

CVS Drug store offers a program called ExtraCare, through which shoppers can receive "Extra Bucks" to apply toward the purchase of additional items. The program also enables ExtraCare card holders to receive discounts and free products. Learn how to acquire these free products each week, then sell them for profit on eBay.

Apply for the CVS ExtraCare card in a CVS store or online. If you go to the store, you will get the card immediately. The card is free.

Check the weekly flyer and the monthly catalog and determine what item(s) you need to buy that week to get the Extra Bucks. Use the Extra Bucks the next week to buy another item that gives you more Extra Bucks. You are basically using the store's coupons to fund future purchases — rolling over your Extra Bucks.

Look for items that sell well on eBay: teeth whitening kits, perfumes, gift sets, battery-operated toothbrushes, hair color, vitamins and weight-loss products.

Use grocery coupons to make your Extra Bucks go even further. For example, CVS may have a particular toothpaste on sale at $2.49, with $2 in Extra Bucks back on your receipt. If you have a $1 coupon, you will pay $1.49 at the register, and get the $2 in Extra Bucks on your receipt, making a profit 51 cents.

Use CVS store coupons in combination with the monthly deals, weekly deals, and manufacturer coupons. Store coupons may be found in the monthly catalog, weekly flyer, near the front registers, in the newspaper, online, and at the pharmacy counters.

Visit the CVS website, register and provide your email address. Offers and coupons will be emailed directly to you each week.

Accumulate large numbers of small items that do not sell well individually on eBay but spark interest when sold as a lot.

Use the CVS ExtraCare program to get free items you won't use, and then sell them on eBay! Health, beauty, personal care, nonperishable food, and baby items sell well on eBay.

Always carry your CVS card with you. Every purchase you make allows you to accumulate points. Even if you aren't purchasing a sale item or an ExtraCare special, you will get points for regular purchases. Every quarter, you will receive Extra Bucks equal to 2 percent of your total CVS purchases.


  • Plan ahead before going to the store. Clip your coupons and circle the items in the flyers that you will be purchasing.

    Research products to resell on eBay before accumulating items to sell. Determine if items sell better individually or in a lot before listing them on eBay.


  • Check eBay's policy on prohibited and restricted items — especially pharmaceutical items — before listing an item.



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