How to Start a Bartending School

How to Start a Bartending School. If you like making cocktails and know the art of bartending, then consider starting your own bartending school and make a profit. Many people out there want to learn bartending skills and how to mix up a few cocktails at their own parties. If you start a school, then you can then teach others how to make cool spirits and cocktails, as well as some other neat bartending tricks.

Take a bartending course and learn everything you need to know to become a teacher of the profession. Learn measurements, mixes, types of cocktails and glasses.

Find a place where you can set up your bartending school. If you want to teach a small class of 6 to 8 students, then you might want to teach out of your home to save you from paying for a lease.

Set up your bartending school by putting up posters of cocktails, spreading out bartending books, and setting up your bar with a variety of mixers and glasses. Show your students step by step how to create different drinks. Also talk about the business side of the bartending.

Advertise your lessons in a newspaper or weekly magazine. Get some business cards made up with the name of your bartending school and leave some of them in places like grocery stores and libraries.

Set your prices for a two or four week course. Make sure it will cover the cost of your supplies and make you a profit. Try and host two classes per week.


  • You must be over 21 to serve alcohol in most states. Find out if you need to be certified in your state to serve alcohol and how you get this certification. Many recreation centers offer noncredit classes to public. Ask if they'd be interested to hire you as a freelance instructor. Other venues like upscale grocery stores that sell liquor might also give you a shot as bartender instructor so you can gain some experience teaching.

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