How to Tune a Mars TRC Series Coin Changer

by Spicy Pepper; Updated September 26, 2017

How to tune a Mars Electronics TRC Series Coin Changer (Models 6000/6010, 6510, 6512, 6800) Mars Electronics are factory set to maximize the amount of valid coin acceptance. However, re- tuning a changer may be necessary due to mishandling, dirt, or age. Why send the item in to a service center when you can re-tune it yourself ?

Items you will need

  • Mars Electronics TRC Series Coin
  • Changer
  • Screwdriver

Save money

Step 1

Turn off the machine

Step 2

Lower acceptor/gate assembly, but don't unplug it.

Step 3

If your changer has option switches (like the Mars TRC-6800 series) then set the option switches like this: 1-ON 2-OFF 3-ON 4-ON. If your changer doesn't have option switches (like the Mars TRC-6000), then skip this step.

Step 4

Find the 'tuning pins'. On the TRC-60X0, TRC -6510, and the TRC-6800 the tuning pins are located behind the acceptor/gate assembly, below and to the right. They are they only two pins sticking out from the black plastic. On the TRC-6800, they are the two pins on the back and bottom of the acceptor/gate assembly.

Step 5

Short the two pins by taking a screwdriver and touching both pins at the same time.

Step 6

With the screwdriver still touching the two pins, turn the machine on. (Don't worry, you won't be shocked.)

Step 7

Remove the screwdriver from the pins, and place the acceptor/gate assembly back into place.

Step 8

The changer is now in tuning mode, follow the tuning coin set below. 8. Insert a nickel, then a dime, then a quarter (then a token, if you want it to take tokens). Again, insert a nickel, dime, quarter (and then token if you want it to take a token). It should reject all of these coins, that's okay.

Step 9

Then depress the coin reject lever fully two times.

Step 10

Tuning of the coin changer is complete. If it doesn't take, try tuning it again.

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