How to Sell a Forklift

How to Sell a Forklift. If you need to sell a forklift, there are many sales venues available to you. Forklifts are an essential part of the industrial equipment of many large and small companies. There's always some business owners in need of a good used forklift; here's how to find a buyer for yours.

Research the type of forklift you have to know its current market value. Write up a complete description of your forklift, including size, make, model, age and condition.

Take pictures of your forklift to include with the ads that you place and to send to the companies that may be interested in purchasing it from you.

Contact Iron Planet to sell your forklift at their online auction held every two weeks.

Email Lift Truck to have your forklift listed with their company for sale.

Fill out the online form from Sell a Forklift and submit it to the company. They will contact you concerning purchasing the forklift directly from you.

Place ads in E.C. Plaza Global to advertise your forklift to an international market. In addition, place ads in the industrial equipment classified section of the newspaper to advertise your forklift to local markets.

Sell your forklift directly to National Forklift Exchange. This company buys all models and makes of used forklifts.


  • Call local auction houses to see when an industrial equipment auction is scheduled. Place your forklift on consignment with the auction house.


  • Be aware that there are seller's fees attached to selling an item at auction.


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