How to Present an Award

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Present an Award. Receiving an award is a special time in anyone's life. If you're the one doing the presenting, a little planning can make the moment even more meaningful. Whether you're hosting a large ceremony or presenting the award by teleconference, keep in mind a few tips to make it a thoughtful success. Read on to learn how to present an award.

Order the award in plenty of time. Start shopping for the award early and discuss turnaround time with the vendor. Allow enough leeway to return the award if it is not correct and get a replacement.

Plan the presentation. Whether you are inviting many people and having a formal ceremony or just a small get-together, attend to the details well in advance. Consider where the event will take place, what kind of attire will be worn, what kind of food or refreshments will be served and how many will be invited.

Notify the media. Newspapers reserve a special section for awards and presentation news. They will come as a guest to the award presentation or they will lend you a news camera and ask you to take a photo and provide the details. Assign someone to snap the photo when you are handing the award to the recipient.

Practice your speech. Take some time to write down what you want to say and rehearse it in front of the mirror, watching how you look and move. When you're ready, present it to family and friends for their reaction. Allow enough time to make any necessary changes and rewrites. Videotaping your speech is an excellent way for you to assess the aspects of your talk that need work.

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