How to Start a Blade Sharpening Business

How to Start a Blade Sharpening Business. If you're familiar with how to use a blade sharpener, you'll find it easy to start a blade sharpening business. It takes just a small start-up investment and you could be well on your way to making money, being your own boss and setting your own hours.

Decide what blades you will sharpen. The possibilities are huge: restaurant knives, salon shears and all kinds of lawn tools need to be sharpened.

Buy a sharpener. There are all shapes and sizes available, so take your time and find a quality sharpener that will last. The kind you select will be based on what types of blades you plan to sharpen in your business.

Pick a location. Run your blade sharpening business from your house or take it on the road. If you prefer to travel, get a sharpener that's portable.

Set your prices. You'll likely charge a per-blade rate which will depend on the type of blades you're planning to sharpen.

Pick a turn around time frame. Decide how quickly you'll work and when you plan to return the blades. Decide if you can you complete the job in an hour or a few days.

Find customers. Pass out business cards, start a website and go door to door. If you're looking to sharpen beautician's shears, for example, visit the salons in your area and see if they could use your services.


  • How quickly you can complete a job will be determined by the amount of work you have at a given time. Give your customers realistic time frames to keep them happy.


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