How to Start a Cleaning Business

by Contributor - Updated September 26, 2017
Start a Cleaning Business

How to Start a Cleaning Business. So you want to start a cleaning business of your own? Some of you may already be providing house cleaning services and want to take your small scale business to the next level of success. There are others who do not have any experience of handling a cleaning business, but are looking at it as a great business opportunity. Cleaning residential or commercial premises is a good career option as there is an opportunity to grow, it requires little initial investment and it has a recurrent demand. Keep in mind the following guidelines, if you want to start a cleaning business.

Determine what type of cleaning service you wish to provide. It could be residential house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial building cleaning or a Laundromat, for example.

Explore the business opportunities that can be offered in the sector of your choice. Understand the market trends, local competitors, current rates, profit margin and assess your investment options.

Decide whether you want your cleaning business to be a part-time or a full time business. You will need to put in extra effort if this is your primary source of income.

Verify your financial resources. Check all bank accounts, deposits, shares or any other sources of income and get a fair insight about your financial status. This will give you an idea of your investment capacity at the moment.

Understand that you can start with minimal investment. This type of business does not demand heavy investment in equipment, instructional courses, maintenance and extravagant set ups. You can actually start the operation from home (or hire a small office, if you can) with a few basic cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, cleaning solutions and vacuum cleaners. You may also need a vehicle to commute workers and materials to the cleaning destination. If you are planning on starting a Laundromat, you may want to rent a bigger area to store washing machines and dryers as well as need more investment to purchase the equipment.

Determine the legal formalities that you need to comply with before starting the business. You may need documents such as a license or insurance from the government or your local authorities.

Hire and train the cleaning staff. The number of them depends on your budget and your requirement. You can hire more employees when the business expands.

Start with just one type of service such as residential cleaning or carpet cleaning. Do not offer a range of services unless you have the capability and resources. You can expand with related services later.

Advertise your name and the service. You can place ads in local newspapers, circulate pamphlets in the neighborhood, hand out business cards, ask your friends and family to spread the word and put up notices at public places.

Ensure that you offer the best cleaning services. Get in touch with your customers, understand their likes and dislikes, make it a point to get their feedback regarding your work and also attend to their complaints.


  • Consider setting up an alliance with other cleaning agencies in your neighborhood. This way, your work would not be compromised during situations like illnesses, excess workload, less staff members or vehicle breakdown. Hire a professional to prepare a great looking brochure or advertisement. Try to attract those customers who probably would not hire your services since they'd rather do it on their own. Looking at your enticing advertisement, they may be willing to give it a go.

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