How to Reply to an Email for Salary Requirements

by Kathryn Hatter; Updated September 26, 2017
A potential employer may use salary requirements to screen applicants.

Fielding requests for salary requirements can be a challenge. You do not want to submit a low figure and sell yourself short and you do not want to submit a high figure and make yourself too expensive for a prospective employer. If you receive this request after submitting a resume, reply to an email for salary requirements with a carefully crafted response.

Research comparable positions in your geographical area to learn what other people in your field earn. Visit websites with database information such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find reliable employment and wage information. Call local universities in your area to find recent wage information.

Determine a salary range you would accept. By providing a range instead of a specific number, you increase your chances of including a salary that both you and the potential employer will find acceptable. Make sure the low point of your range is enough to be acceptable for you and the high point of the range is reasonable based on your research.

Write an email reply directly to the person who sent you the email. Begin the email by expressing your gratitude for the employer’s consideration. Reiterate your experience and qualifications briefly, tying this information to the position. Express your excitement about the position, and tell the employer that you feel confident that you would be a wise choice for the job. Write something such as, “As you requested, I am furnishing my salary requirement. Based on my research, my acceptable salary range would be $40,000 to $45,000 per year, not including fringe benefits.”

Include a disclaimer about your salary requirement being negotiable to make it clear that you invite offers. End the email by expressing thanks and a hope to hear from the employer soon.

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