Miller Welder Problems

by Amy Rodriguez; Updated September 26, 2017
Miller is one of many companies supplying welding products.

Welders provide the steady power source required to fuse metals together. Miller produces welders and related supplies for the welding community. Welders can use simple troubleshooting techniques to resolve problems that may develop.


The Miller company began with Niels Miller, who, in 1929, created a small and simple welder machine that used alternating current (AC) rather than direct current (DC). Welders using AC current could work in rural areas that did not have local DC power supplies.


Confirm that the overload circuit breaker and fuse are not tripped from an electrical surge. Many times, the welder’s battery is faulty or completely discharged of power after sitting idle for a long time. Jump-start the battery, if needed.


The welder may require an engine tuning if the power output is low. For a properly tuned welder, the engine speed should be 1,650 rpm when idle and 3,000 rpm when actively welding.

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