Free ICD-9-CM & CPT Coding Information

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ICD-9-CM refers to the International Classification of Disease, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification system, published by the World Health Organization.

CPT coding refers to the Current Procedural Terminology code set. CPT is a proprietary coding system developed by the American Medical Association.

ICD-9-CM Resources

ICD codes are in the public domain, meaning that they are free of charge. The most current version of the ICD is the ICD-10, but older versions are still available. The codes are online on the World Health Organization website under "ICD 10 Online."


CPT Resources

Patients and consumers can conduct five free CPT code searches on the AMA website under "CPT/RVU Search." Users can look up the Medicare relative value associated with the codes by entering either keywords or a five-digit CPT code.


AMA holds the copyright to all CPT codes and descriptions and requires a license fee to access the complete list of codes and their relative values.


Frequency of Code Updates

The World Health Organization publishes annual updates to the codes on its website under "List of Official ICD-10 Updates."


The AMA publishes an updated CPT manual each year.


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