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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires all job sites to maintain and keep on site a minimum amount of first aid supplies to ensure worker safety. Not just any first aid kit will do, though; OSHA requires specific supplies.


OSHA requires bandages to be a part of your work first aid kit. Small gauze pads (4 inch by 4 inch), at least two large gauze pads (8 inch by 10 inch), a pack of rolling gauze, two triangular bandages and a box of band-aids meet the minimum requirements.


Scissors must be in the first aid kit. Tweezers also need to be available, along with adhesive tape to secure the bandages. Latex gloves are required, since they protect the first aid responder from blood or bodily fluids, and a CPR mask or other resuscitation equipment must be on hand to protect against vomit during a CPR rescue.


OSHA requires a blanket in your first aid kit. You also need some type of "wound cleaning agent." Alcohol towelettes meet this requirement. At least two elastic wraps and a splint for broken bones must also be maintained in the kit. Include your emergency protocol procedure and an emergency contact list.

Workplace Size

OSHA states that the preceding guidelines should be adequate for small workplaces with of two or three workers. For larger sites, OSHA recommends that you increase the amount of supplies on hand to account for the additional workers by making more supplies available in your first aid kit, or by having additional kits on hand.


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