Water Cooler Problems

by James Bisson; Updated September 26, 2017

Water coolers provide offices and other establishments with hot or cold water for drinking or for use in coffee, tea or other warm beverages. Coolers will occasionally run into problems that may require small fixes or full-scale overhauls.

Compressor Problems

A problem with the water cooler's compressor system could result in the water running too hot or too cold. This problem could be caused by an improper temperature setting, which can be fixed by adjusting the temperature control. In the case of a defective control system, the device should be fixed or replaced by a professional.

Valve Problems

Water cooler faucets are designed to shut off when the user no longer places pressure on the valve. In the event that water continues to run out of the faucet even when the user is finished pressing the valve, there may be a leaky seal in the faucet. This problem can be fixed by replacing the faucet altogether.

Water Problems

If the cooler is not producing any hot water, the system may have faulty wiring, which will need to be fixed. In some instances, the hot tank switch may be in the OFF position, in which case the cooler should function normally once the switch is returned to ON. If no water comes out, the reservoir may be empty, which means it's time to replace the water jug.

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