Crime Scene Investigator Code of Ethics

by Elizabeth (Lisa)Thompson ; Updated September 26, 2017
CSIs follow a code of ethics as they preserve sensitve crime-scene information.

Crime-scene investigators (CSI) follow strict ethical guidelines as they must know how to protect sensitive crime scene information. The International Association for Identification (IAI) oversees CSIs' behavior and provides them with a code of ethics. (Reference 1) Other CSIs follow the law enforcement code of ethics. (Reference 2)

Professional Protocol

The CSI works and cooperates with other law enforcement personnel on investigations to solve cases. (Reference 1)

Attention to Detail

A CSI will perform his duties carefully, with close attention to detail, so that he can fulfill his responsibilities and reflect positively on the profession. (References 1 & 2)

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Public Faith

The CSI operates in a way that will honor the faith the public places in her. She seeks the help of God or a higher power to further her profession. (References 1 & 2)


The CSI does not let personal biases, judgments, values or morals interfere with her job performance. She does not discriminate against anyone. (References 1 & 2)


The CSI personifies honesty and integrity in whatever he does so that he is an example both personally and professionally. (References 1 & 2)

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