Job Description for a Non-Profit Executive Director

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Executive directors provide leadership in all aspects of non-profit organizations. Job descriptions for these positions encompass a variety of responsibilities and abilities. Some requirements will depend on the work of the non-profit; others are common to all executive directors.

Job Summary

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Executive directors are responsible for the overall management and operation of the organization. They must protect financial assets while ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements.


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Most non-profit agencies require a minimum of a bachelor's degree with an advanced degree preferred. Smaller, less complex non-profits may allow experience to substitute for education.



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Executive directors should have many years of experience with increasing responsibility in non-profit agencies. Experience with financial management, grant writing and grant management is expected.



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An executive director must have the skills to effectively communicate, manage employees, work with a board of directors and publicly represent the agency.



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The job description must state who the executive director reports to, usually the board of directors or an executive committee.




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