Dog Wash Fundraiser Ideas

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Fundraisers can be loads of fun, and furry canines are as well. When you put the two together, it can make for memorable experiences that have a great deal of meaning. Involving dogs in a fundraising event provides an original way to capture the attention of potential gift-givers. Dog-lovers the world over can easily participate in either raising money for a particular cause or by simply enjoying the efforts put on by fundraiser organizers.

Dog Washing/Grooming Packages

One idea for raising money that involves dog washing and dog grooming is to establish various dog grooming packages that patrons can purchase and redeem. This allows participants to contribute at all financial levels and shows everyone that their contribution counts. Services offered for dog washing can vary and should be kept economically sound yet quality driven.

Doggy Bags

In addition to setting up a dog wash, organizing doggy bags with various dog items is a practical and economic way to raise money. You can visit your local pet store and find inexpensive trinkets to add to a dog gift bag and to display for sale at your fundraising event. Items like dog brushes, biscuits, squeeze balls and flavored bones or raw hide can be included in these bags. After a dog receives a bath, a happening that most dogs loathe, they can be nicely rewarded for having patience.

Dog Competitions and Free Grooming

At a dog wash fundraiser, organizers can establish various criteria for dog competitions and provide free grooming and/or dog washing to the canine victors. Competitions can be as intricate as setting up obstacle courses or as simple as comparing prompted howling calls. Giving free services can also incite others to purchase a dog wash when public participation has become stagnant.