Charity Grants for the Disabled

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Charities that provide grants to disabled people help them claim their rights to mobility, education, recreation, and employment, which are the birthrights of everyone. Such charities help to fund projects, research, and services that will help assimilate the disabled in their communities.

Action For Kids (AFK)

Action For Kids, a national charity, has since 1992 been providing grants for the disabled children in the UK. Among the items offered: wheelchairs for people who cannot afford them, employment training and services, family support services, and life skills training. These opportunities are provided for individual applicants, so a disabled person may apply for himself, or parents may do so on behalf of a child. The applicant must be 26 years of age or younger, living with a disability, be a UK citizen or resident, and have financial need. Grants for equipment are usually awarded in entirety, although the charity reserves the right to award a portion of the cost of obtaining the equipment.

Action For Kids

Ability House

15A Tottenham Lane



N8 9DJ


For The Good Of The Game Grants

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The United States Golf Association (USGA), believes that disabled individuals should not be excluded from recreational sports such as golf. It provides grants to organizations that offer golf programs to people with disabilities. USGA does not fund the entire expenses related to the program, but offers some financial assistance. The applicant organization must submit an application online after reviewing the complete eligibility requirements.

The United States Golf Association

P.O. Box 708

Far Hills, N.J. 07931


The Morgan Project

The Morgan Project is a family charity founded by Robert and Kristen Malfara, whose son has leukodystrophy. Through their experience, they are aware of how challenging and expensive it is to care for a chronically ill child. This charity has developed grants and support to parents and families who have children with chronic or life-long disabilities. These grants can help with medical expenditures, travel for expert care, and equipment. Applicants must first fill out a pre-qualification application, available online. Once the pre-qualification process has been completed, the foundation will contact qualified applicants to submit a full application with supporting documents. The medical advisory committee of the foundation will notify grantees if approved.

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project, Inc.

Robert & Kristen Malfara, co-founders

3830 S. Hwy. A-1-A

Suite C4, #153

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951


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