How to Be a Great Volunteer

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Whether you volunteer at the animal shelter or you spend time teaching Sunday School. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to bring good into the world and support your community. Here's how to be an even better volunteer.

Always be on time. This is a simple idea, but important. Consider being late to your job. People would be upset. The same applies for volunteering. So if you are going to be late, just call and let them know.

Volunteer for something you love. your passion needs to show and that means putting your effort into something you treasure. It doesn't matter what it is, but it does matter you care.

Offer up what you can do best. Don't be stuck typing when you are a people person and on the flip side, don't be out directing traffic if you are shy. Find the balance that brings your talents to the table and really helps the organization.

Mix up your volunteer jobs. If you become bored, it is time for a schedule change in your life. Go on different days or ask for different tasks to see what else is out there. It is volunteer so you aren't stuck in one place.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, back away. This is an important thing to consider. Most start off with great intentions, but as our world changes, so does our times and the volunteer job becomes a hassle. Stop this by addressing your goals and ask how does your volunteer work fit into that idea.

Consider your volunteer work an adventure. See what you can give and at the same time be open to learning, meeting new people and enjoying your time doing things you love.


  • Yearly projects as well as monthly obligations are great to meet new people

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