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An office administrator’s job involves a wide range of responsibilities. The position requires the management of day-to-day activities as they pertain to areas in finance, personnel and office operations in accordance with municipal policies and government legislation. An administrator’s primary role is to organize the resources of the business, improve its performance and ensure operations run smoothly while upholding the organization’s strategic objectives.


The office administrator must be knowledgeable of payroll systems, computerized accounting programs and municipal services. Companies seek candidates with effective supervisory, bookkeeping, communication, decision-making and time and stress management skills for the office administrator role. An office administrator juggles many responsibilities, and complicated situations develop at unexpected times from different areas of business. The position, therefore, requires the incumbent to be flexible and handle pressure well.


Management of the organization's financial system is among the primary duties of an office administrator. The administrator must maintain financial records and facilitate the preparations of year-end statements, budgets and annual audits. An administrator also performs duties such as job interviews, employee training, supervision of staff, payroll management and performance appraisals in the human resource area. The position requires the incumbent to oversee all internal and external activities of the business, ensure efficient allocation of resources and make strategic recommendations for productivity improvements.

Education and Experience

In small businesses, experience plays a vital role, and education requirements for the administrator position may not extend beyond a high school diploma. In large organizations, however, education has more weight and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance or human resource management is a basic requirement. Specialized training is a bonus and a master’s degree can significantly increase the chances of advancement. The administrator position typically requires two to three years of work experience.


Office administrators’ earnings depend on factors such as the employer, the occupational specialization and the geographical region. According to PayScale, the salary range of an office administrator was $29,564 to $46,896 in October 2010. California's pay rates were the highest for this position; health care, law and IT industries were the top-paying employers. Educational qualification is also a determinant of prospective salary. A master’s degree in business administration or related fields, for example, can result in earnings up to $75,000.

Job Outlook

According to the Department of Labor, the number of administrator positions will grow by 12 percent between 2008 and 2018. The competition is likely to be tough, especially in the higher-level jobs. If you have flexible skills, you will face better prospects than candidates with specialized skills. Individuals transitioning from other roles to the administrator role include executive assistants, first-line supervisors and office managers.


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