Client Relations Job Description

Client relations professionals typically work for an organization that sells a product or service. They're the point of contact to an assigned group of clients, and ensure client retention and satisfaction. They may also required to sell additional products or services to the clients they are assigned to.

Education Required

Most organizations require at least an associate's degree in a related discipline. Depending on the products and services they support, education may be required in another discipline. Training on their products, service and organizational procedures are also required, and part of a probationary period.

Previous Experience and Skills Required

Requirements can include at least one year of previous experience in client relations. If an organization does not require previous experience, they may require excellent customer service skills, an outgoing personality, and the ability to sell a product or service.

General Responsibilities

Client relations professionals ensure their assigned clients are satisfied with the product or services they purchased. They answer client questions, assess product or service problems, and resolve issues in a variety of ways using their best judgment to ensure client satisfaction. They also identify sales opportunities for current and potential clients, and sell the product or service, or forward the information to a sales representative.

Handling escalated client complaints and attempting to resolve them is also part of their responsibilities. This can include providing additional services, or resolving issues for clients at no cost.

They also continue to maintain their assigned clients, by providing the best possible service.

Work Environment

Their work environment includes speaking with clients on the phone or in person. If they're required to meet directly with clients, this may involve traveling either regionally or nationally. In many cases, they may provide services or products, and resolve issues over the phone.

Average Salaries

Average salaries for client relations professionals are approximately $40,000 a year, according to Some client relations positions may offer a bonus or commission structure based on client retention and additional sales obtained.



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