How to Make Money Blogging

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Blogging is becoming more popular, and the potential to make money with blogging just makes it more appealing. You may wonder how it's even possible to make money by publishing posts on a blog. But between using Google Ads and sponsored posts, you could earn some extra cash or make it a full-time gig.

How to Make Money Blogging With Google Ads

The point of creating your blog and posting is to attract traffic to your blog. Once you gain traffic, you can start earning money with Google AdSense. Google AdSense involves building a campaign around your blog that is related to your niche. You'll want to avoid ads for your competition. For example, if you are going to sell bulk pet supplies, you could target your advertisements for veterinarians.

When working with Google AdSense, it's important to pay close attention to the keywords you use. Make sure the keywords relate to your blog because if they don't, you won't attract the right audience. And If you don't get traffic, you will be throwing away your money on advertisements. You can use keyword research tools like Moz, SpyFu and Google AdWords to find relevant keywords. You can have three ads on your blog at one time. The best place to position your ads is on the right side and bottom of the screen. If you place ads under the viewable area, your visitors won't make it that far to see them.

How to Make Money Blogging With Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are content that a blogger is paid to publish on their blog or website by a business in the same niche. A sponsored post can either be written by the blogger or the company who is requesting the post. This type of post can be either in the form of summaries, reviews, product announcements, an infographic, videos, an announcement of a sale or list posts.

When it comes to finding companies who will pay for sponsored posts, don't just focus on large companies with a big budget. You should also approach smaller companies that get less attention and could use the exposure. Another way to find companies is to build a portfolio. Try reaching out to local businesses to gain some experience. Even if the local businesses can't pay, maybe you could exchange services. Once you gain experience, try partnering with a marketing agency to gain more experience.

Best Practices for Blogging for Money

You should keep some best practices in mind when blogging for money. Always create valuable content for your audience. Stay within your niche every time you start writing a post. Pay attention to the feedback your readers leave you or address any questions they may have. You could even write a post based on a question they ask in the comments of your blog. Always strive to make your readers happy and they will keep coming back. Being strategic and planning your posts ahead of time on an editorial calendar is helpful and keeps you organized. An additional tip is to make your titles compelling. Nobody is going to click on your post unless it sparks their interest. Once you create an engaging title, ensure your content is thorough, flows well and keeps your reader's attention to the end.