Fitness Promotional Ideas

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If you run a health club or fitness studio, you know that getting members and keeping members is the key to your success. All the bells and whistles are great, but having an amazing fitness program with no customers isn’t going to do you any good. The name of the game is devising a strong promotions plan that not only gets your name out there but the services you offer so potential members’ interest are piqued and they can contact you to come in for a visit.

Special Offer Postcard

Design a flier or postcard that details one of your current specials. Make the piece visually appealing to attract your target audience. List all of your services, such as if you have a sauna, private showers or late night classes. Distribute the flier in several places, including businesses in the area, at events where your target market would be, like a business networking event and college campuses. Change out your piece every quarter to roll out a new service or pricing special.

Fitness Challenge

Host a communitywide fitness challenge where individuals compete against each other to lose the most weight and body fat by a certain number of weeks. Try an eight-week challenge that encourages the competitors to lose weight over a longer period of time, the healthy way. Promote the challenge over the Internet using your social media tools, like Facebook events and Twitter feeds. Add prize giveaways to overall winners and send press releases to your local media to get coverage of the before and after results.

Attend Local Events

Promote yourself by attending local health and fitness events. Here, you can meet a lot of people in one location and provide information on your offerings. Always have a special promotion to attract event attendees to stop by your table to get to know you. Something as simple as a “FREE WEEK trial with this coupon” is enough to let attendees know that if they are interested, the least they can do is pop in to sample what you have to offer.

Give Away the Farm

Host a “Give Away the Farm” weekend where new customers can come in and workout all weekend for free. Hold short snippets, round-robin style of your popular programs so visitors can get a sampling of what they are like. On the special giveaway week, offer great discounts to those who sign up on the same day.