How to Fix Low Morale in a Company

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Low company morale can permeate your small business in tough or good economic times. Your task is to find ways to boost morale and to change the culture of your workplace. By exhibiting leadership skills and by paying attention to the warning signs of low solidarity, you have a degree of power at your disposal. Since morale is related to profitability, according to Terri Levine in the article, “Boost Employee Morale,” taking the reins is the proactive and profitable thing to do.

Engage your staff with ways to feel emotionally connected to your company and their work. Hold employee and management appreciation days. Order lunch for everyone. Award stellar employee performances with gift cards or with appreciation plaques.

Make advancement possible for all of your staff. Provide professional development opportunities with seminars and workshops focusing on areas such as sales strategies, new marketing ideas and management classes.

Survey your staff for insights into the sources of low morale. Ask staff members to list the top two or three areas in the company and the jobs that give them the most trouble. Meet with the staff for brainstorming sessions to gather and implement solutions to intractable areas, which might include company policy, quality control and communication issues.

Review your mission statement. Involve all of your employees, suggests Levine. Gather employee insights about the direction of your small business.

Provide managers with periodic management training. Use assessment tools provided by entities like the American Management Association to determine your management team’s needs. Offer on-site training to guide the team toward more effective and constructive management tools.

Use a simple approach to boost employee morale. Start a last-Friday-of-the-month practice to create an upbeat mood. Ask employees to place compliments to other staff members in a bowl throughout the week, suggests Libby Hager in Michelle Goodman’s article, “Companies Find Cheap Ways to Boost Employee Morale.” Select a random employee’s name from the bowl. Give the winner a coupon or gift card for a free lunch.


  • Gather for informal lunches to discuss issues relevant to employees’ lives. Include topics such as saving money or caring for elderly parents.