Two Positive Impacts of Nike

by Christian Mullen - Updated August 21, 2018
Nike is dedicated to improving working conditions at factories and helping communities.

Nike has made some serious improvements over the years that have had some positive impacts on the world and the business community. Not only has it made the world aware of the injustices that have occurred at sweatshops, but it has also invested in many communities around the world to help those in need.

Improving Conditions for Workers

Nike has been accused of running sweatshops in the past and are now dedicated to constant improvement of its factory conditions and the treatment of its workers in overseas factories. The company is dedicated to eliminating the maltreatment of workers and has set forth codes of conduct that its own factories and factories that are contracted to make its products must follow. Nike is keen on transparency and disclosure about setbacks and the conditions at its plants and at the plants that it uses to manufacture clothing and footwear.

Setbacks with Contractors

Nike has suffered some setbacks. It has garnered some unwanted media attention regarding contractors who it hired to manufacture its Converse brand. Upper-level management perpetrated some abuses at some of the company's plants in Taiwan. Nike admits the problem existed and has been focused on alleviating it. Many of the factories that Nike uses have failed to meet the criteria the company has set forth in its dedication to eliminate worker abuse and sweatshops.

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Community Investment

Nike works closely with many communities to help them out of binds and to invest in their future. Some community-based ventures include Nike's collaboration with (RED) to help those with HIV or AIDS in African nations. Nike also has a program that works with American Indians in North America to allow them access to sports programs. Nike hopes to help boost the esteem of these groups of people and will provide them with money and sports equipment to further that cause.

Jordan Fundamentals

One of the best-known community investment projects is the Jordan Fundamentals program, which provides grants that average $5,000 to outstanding educators in middle and high school. Public school teachers are asked to perform a very difficult job, and the Jordan Foundation rewards those who excel at their job and teach children the right way to communicate and learn, regardless of the environment in which they live. The Jordan Fundamentals program has set guidelines, and Nike supports it in all financial matters.

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