Instructions for Mailing a Cell Phone

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Cell phones contain parts that can sometimes become damaged during transit. The screen can crack, and even the casing is vulnerable to breaking or scratching if mishandled during shipment. To avoid issues when mailing a cell phone, make sure you pack it correctly and add proper shipping services to protect its value in case of a problem.

Turn off the cell phone and take apart the device. Remove the back case and battery, then wrap both of these pieces individually in bubble wrap. Wrap the cell phone and any accessories (such as the charger or USB cord) with bubble wrap also. Make sure you close the bubble wrap securely with packing tape.

Fill your small cardboard box halfway with packing chips. Nestle your cell phone into the chips first, then the back cover and finally the wrapped battery. Insert your packing slip in with the cell phone that you're about to mail.

Close the box and secure it with packing tape. Write "Handle with care" on the top of the box and "This side up" on the side of the box with an arrow pointing toward the top of the box.

Send your cell phone with signature confirmation and insurance to cover the cost of the phone. This will ensure that if anything happens to it in transit you can recover the value. The United States Postal Service offers up to $5,000 of basic insurance coverage on lost or damaged items.

If you ship with an express mail or freight company such as FedEx or UPS, you may have confirmation and insurance already included with your rate up to the declared value you list on the shipment. The declared value is usually about $100.


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