How to Donate to the American Heart Association

How to Donate to the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve public health by reducing cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It works primarily through advocacy, public awareness campaigns about preventive medicine and lifestyle, promotion of therapeutic practices and the funding of medical and scientific research. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Read on to learn more.

Learn About the American Heart Association Before You Donate

Know that the American Heart Association has its national center in Dallas, Texas. However, it has 12 affiliate offices that are located throughout the United States.

Get an objective observer's perspective on the effectiveness and financial stewardship of the American Heart Association at the Charity Navigator's American Heart Association website (see Resources below).

Check out the American Heart Association website for information about healthy lifestyle, heart disease advocacy issues, warning signs, research milestones, the organization's history, mission and accomplishments (see Resources below).

Donate to the American Heart Association

Make a general donation at the "AHA Donate Now and Help Save Lives" website.

Make your donation a personal tribute or remembrance by clicking on one of the buttons for "Memorial" or "Tribute" on the AHA Donate Now and Help Save Lives website.

Explore annuities and planned giving, workplace giving, and athletic-event fund raisers by clicking on the "Other Ways to Give" Link on the AHA Donate Now and Help Save Lives website.

Maintain Your Donor Relationships and Your Donation Records

Help AHA keep fund raising costs down by making your annual gift automatic. For example, create an ongoing annual fund raiser in your community, and recruit others to help you with the work by organizing a "Dear Neighbor Campaign." You'll find information by clicking on the "Other Ways to Give" Link on the AHA Donate Now and Help Save Lives website.

Maintain a filing system for all charitable donations, including cash and in-kind contributions. Include a file with all your American Heart Association materials, documents and donation records. This may save you time when you are preparing to file your taxes, since contributions to these groups are usually tax-deductible. A good filing system can also help you quickly determine how much to give in future years.


  • Be aware that the American Heart Association's privacy policy is actually an opt-out policy. Opt-out clauses place the responsibility on you to tell the organization to remove your name and contact information from mailing lists that it shares or sells. The best time to remove this data is with your first contact.